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41st BCS Circular 2019. Download PDF of 41th BCS Circular 2019 and Apply on BPSC.GOV.BD

41st BCS Circular has been published today, 27 November 2019 by Bangladesh Public Service Commission.

To download 41th BCS Circular 2019 PDF, please click here. 41st BCS Circular download link>>>>>>).

** 21 Important Things of 41st BCS Circular 2019 You Must Know:

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21 things you must see at a glance about 41st BCS Circular 2019:

1. Where to apply for 41st BCS exam?

In the 41st BCS circular, BPSC mentions that you must apply for the 41st BCS exam on www.bpsc.gov.bd. This the official website of Bangladesh Public Service Commission and pay your BCS exam fees through a number of Teletalk bd Ltd.

2. When should you submit your application for 41th BCS Circular 2019?

a. The server of BPSC’s official website (www.bpsc.gov.bd) server will open on 5 December 2019 for receiving application. So, apply for 41th BCS by 4 January 2019.

b. You must submit your application by 4 January 2020. Note: You’ll have to pay your application fees of 41st BCS Circular 2019 within the mentioned deadline of the submission of Application and the payment of your application fees.

41st BCS Circular 2019 and 41th BCS Circular got published.

3. Which certificates and documents you must keep at your hand during the Form-fill-up.

You must write your name, your parents’ name and date of birth as per they are given and spelled in you SSC certificate. You must have the canned copy of your recent photo (size-300×300 pixels, file size-100KB), and signature (Size-300×80 pixels, file size-60KB) in your computer or storage device.

4. Are you eligible to apply?

a. If you have 4-year Honours Degree, you can apply for 41th BCS Circular 2019.

If you appeared at the final exam of 4-year Honours Course, and your written exam ended before the Application submission deadline of BCS Exam, you can apply. In this case, you must collect a Certificate of your appearance at the final year written exam from the Head of the department/Controller of exam and submit that to BPSC after the publication of BCS Written exam.

b. If you passed degree pass-course exam and 2 years Masters Exam, you are eligible to apply.
Even if you appeared at 2-year Masters final exam and your Masters Final Written exam ended before the deadline of the submission of BCS exam Application, you can apply for BCS exam. In this case, you must collect a Certificate of your appearance at Masters’ final year written exam from the Head of the Department/Controller of exams and submit that along with BPSC Form-1 to Bangladesh Public Service Commission after the publication of BCS Written exam.

41st BCS Circular 2019 is published by www.bpsc.gov.bd. 41th BCS Circular
c. If you want to apply for BCS Professional cadre, you must have second class or equivalent CGPA both in Honours and Master’s Degree.

d. i. Age limit: 21-30 years for the general candidates. For the freedom fighters’ offspring and Special Groups: 21-32 years on 1 November 2019. As per given www.bpsc.gov.bd.

ii. Required Height and weight for Police and Ansar Cadres:
# Male: Height-5’4’’, weight- 54.54 kg
# Female: 5’, Weight- 45.45kg

iii. Required Height and weight for other Cadres:
# Male: Height-5’, weight- 45 kg
# Female: 4’10’’, Weight- 40kg

iv. How you’ll have to measure your height.

As per the instructions of 41st BCS circular, you must write the measurement of your height in ‘Inch’. Suppose, your height is 5 feet and 6 inches. After converting this measurement into ‘Inch’, it will be 66 inches.

e. As per the instructions of 41th BCS Circular 2019, if you’re married to or committed to marry a citizen of a foreign country without the permission of the government, you’re not eligible to apply for 41st BCS exam.

f. You must be a citizen of Bangladesh.

41st BCS Circular 2019 is published by www.bpsc.gov.bd. 41th BCS Circular 2019

5. How to pay the Application fee for 41 BCS Circular 2019?

Exam fee for General Candidate is Tk. 700/, for Special Candidate, as mentioned in the 41st BCS circular-Tk. 100/

41st BCS Circular 2019 is published by www.bpsc.gov.bd. 41th BCS Circular 2019 pdf download

6. What you should do if you accidentally submit the wrong information?

You can edit your application if you’re yet to submit your exam fees after your submission of application. You cannot edit your application after paying the exam fees.

41st BCS Circular 2019 is published by www.bpsc.gov.bd. 41th BCS C

7. How long you should preserve the Applicant’s Copy or the Admit Card?

You must have to preserve the Applicant‘s Copy or admit card up to your joining the civil service. But you should preserve them forever (!) as these docs may come to your service at different phases of your job and even after your retirement.

41 BCS Circular published today

8. When will you get the Admit Card of 41st BCS Circular?

After submitting your application of 41 BCS Circular 2019, preserve the Applicant’s Copy, User ID and Password. BPSC will instruct you to download the signed Applicant’s Copy or Admit Card when it’s ready.

PSC published 41th BCS Circular.

9. Which substantial errors you must not do?

You must not commit mistakes when you write your name, date of birth, parents’ name, Permanent Address, job status, exam results and so on. These may be deemed as substantial errors. And your candidature may be declared null and void at any phase of the exam and you may be fired from the job when the error/s will be surfaced or discovered.

41th BCS Circular 2019 pdf.

10. How should be your mailing and permanent addresses actually?

Your permanent address should be your parents’ permanent address where they own landed (!) property. Your present address should be that address where you’re supposed to live at least the next 4-5 years. The married female candidates should use their parents’ address as their own permanent address as marital relationship tends to get jittery at times!

41 BCS circular 2019

11. What type of photograph you should not use?

The photograph you’re going to use for 41st BCS Circular 2019 must be snapped not more than three months ago. You should look straight at the lens of the camera wearing formal cloth. Don’t snap your face from the left or right angle. Your ears, eyes, forehead and chins are to be clearly visible. You should take your photograph without wearing lenses or your spectacles. To know more about dress-code for the BCS job candidates, you can collect my book ‘The Cadre’.

41 BCS Circular 2019 pdf
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12. When will the online server of BPSC likely be down?

When the deadline is approaching, especially the last seven days of the Application Submission period, the online server of BPSC usually gets busy and cannot be accessed smoothly. That’s why you should submit your application at least seven days before the deadline of Application Submission.

BCS circular 2019 pdf

13. How should be your signature fixed and selected?

Your signature should be short as you will require signing on thousands of documents in future. You should not use your full name as your signature in your application form. Your signature can be styled up in any language and this signature can be given on any documents written in any languages.Please, be referred to 41st BCS Circular.

41st 41th BCS Circular 2019 pdf download.

14. How should you write your parents’ name if they are dead?

Don’t write the word ‘Late’ at the starting of your parents’ name if they are expired. A name does not require such a word (Late) to indicate its bearer is dead.

41st BCS Circular pdf download here.

15. How should the government and non-govt. employees mention their job-status?

You must mention your employment type in the application form of 41th BCS Circular if you’re employed in any Govt./Semi-Govt./Autonomous institution and collect a ‘clearance certificate’ or a ‘certificate of permission’ in the prescribed form of BPSC to submit. If you’re serving in a private company or an organization, local or foreign, it’s not mandatory to mention that you’re employed. Just select ‘Unemployed’.

41 BCS Circular 2019 pdf

16. What if you don’t have your NID or Smart Card?

Select ‘NID’ in the respective field if you’ve either NID or Smart Card. If you don’t have your NID/Smart Card, keep the field blank. But you must collect your and your parents’ NID/Smart Card before viva-voce and produce that before viva-board of 41th BCS exam.

41th BCS Circular pdf download here.

17. Which contact/phone number you should use?

You should use such a contact number which is supposed to be used by you in the next 4-5 years. If the SIM is lost, take the same one from your operator.

41st BCS Circular 2019

18. How you should select the language medium of exam?

If you want to have the language medium of your preliminary exam in English, you must select that from ‘Question Type Option’ box and if you select ‘English’ as your language medium of exam, you’ll have to sit for BCS Preliminary exam in a designated hall. See the details in the circular of 41st BCS exam.

For your BCS written exam, you must use respective language medium to answer the questions of the subjects like Bangla, English or other language-related subjects. The answers of the questions of the other subjects can be written either in English or in Bangla.

41th BCS Circular

19. How should you select the exam centre?

Your preliminary and written exams will be held at the same centre. It’s clearly mentioned in the 41st BCS circular that you cannot change the exam centre if you select it once. So, select your exam centre carefully considering the distance of the centre from your residence and other parameters at your convenience.

20. The steps of the submission of your Application.

You’ll have to fill-up BPSC Form-1 online on Bangladesh Public Service Commission’s website (www.bpsc.gov.bd) and upload your photograph and the scanned copy of your signature as per the prescribed measurements. You’ll have to agree to the declaration and abide by the terms and conditions given in the BPSC Form-1.
After successful submission of BPSC Form-1 for 41th BCS circular 2019, you’ll get a User ID. Using this User ID, you’ll have to pay your application fees through Teletalk Bd Ltd within the mentioned deadline.

41st BCS Circular 2019 published by www.bpsc.gov.bd
21. Downloading your Admit Card.

In 41st BCS circular 2019, it’s mentioned that you’ll have to download your Admit Card using your User ID and Password when you’ll be instructed by BPSC. Your candidature will be cancelled anytime if the supplied information in your application form are found false or your application possesses substantial mistakes.

[Note: Always follow the instructions of the 41st BCS circular given on BPSC’s website.]

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