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Md. Zahid Hasan is a BCS Cadre officer and the founder-writer of BCSExam.com . He joined Bangladesh Civil Service in 2011 being the 27th in the merit-list under his cadre-post of 29th BCS exam. He started writing on the tricks and tips of BCS exam preparation being requested by his senior students. He is an ardent researcher and experimenter of BCS exam preparation.

If you are serious about becoming a BCS cadre officer, then you should follow his tips on this blog. He will show you how you can knock the Monster like BCS Exam down tactfully, easily.

Want to know more about him? Follow his own description below:


It’s My Life!

Want to discover my stupid and funny life-story? Okay, I was born in a beautiful village in Comilla and my fore-fathers migrated to Bangladesh from the bordering district of Udoypur, India during Hindu-Muslim riot back in 1963. My grand-father was born in Bangladesh and my grand-mother was born in India, around 30 miles away from my grand-father’s home. Both were under the then Tripura district (before the separation of India and Pakistan). My fore-fathers’ origins aroused a sort of curiosity in my childhood-mind!

In my class of school life, there was not a single student who could have challenged me in terms of exam-result, and so I decided to stay in a dark-jungle near my school during most of my class time doing all the reckless deeds a naughty child can do!

Md. Zahid Hasan, BCS exam preparation
In 2007












I Have Had Different Life Style!

Since my childhood I have been conducting experiments in my life!

It’s me only who dared study Higher Math in my class in high school though I sat for SSC test exam with ‘Accounting’ subject on special permission and again switched to Higher Math in the final exam!

I failed to get myself admitted in a medical college and my life got messed up after that. Though I was in the merit-list for D-Unit in Dhaka Varsity admission test, I was least interested to study  a subject like Islamic History!! Finally, I got admitted into the Department of English of Comilla Victoria Govt. College to study English literature.

In the mean time, some unexpected family casualties and my financial crisis drove me away from study. So instead of being in the class room I used to pass most of my time in the libraries going through the classics of literature.

Yes, I failed in the First Year Annual Exam! I lost all of my bosom friends and some admirers. I stopped going to the libraries and focused on my experiments on exam presentations. It worked. I did very well in the exams of the following years.

Learning Point:  It’s not how much you know about a particular subject, rather it’s a sound strategy spiced up with your subject knowledge that wins the game.

A Voracious reader, an experimenter and a fastidious person – three are some of the top-notch characteristics one discovers in me when one hangs around me.


Professional Life

Again experiments!

I thought I would be happy with a corporate job and corporate life style. Wrong!

I joined a telephone company and soon found the extremely busy tiresome corporate life style unfit for me. I left the company just after one month of my joining. One day, I noticed an ad seeking a Lecturer of English for Jalalabad Cantonment Public College, Sylhet. Though it was a single post, I applied for that seeing the opportunity to visit Sylhet for the first time in my life. I had spent all the money I had with me lavishly before the day of written exam. Eventually I stood first in that exam and joined the college on 7 January, 2007 and continued till July, 2011.

I joined Bangladesh Civil Service as a Lecturer under BCS Education Cadre. I feel very much comfortable and dignified as I have ample time and vacation days to visit my favorite places and read my favorite books and blogs now. Now I haven passing my time with my 27 thousands students (from HSC to Masters) of Comilla Victoria University College. It’s a blissful job.


Married Life!

Though I was allergic to marriage at the beginning of my youth, I am blessed with my married life that I started in December, 2013. An old man with a late marriage indeed!!  My wife graduated from Dhaka University and she is a Sonali-Banker! Since her majesty keeps herself busy in the office from 10am to 6 pm, there is no one found in my reading room to pain me while I am obsessed with my books and blogs!

bcs exam
In-front of Tajmahal



A Different Me!

I use to join lots of fun-making events ventured by me or my friends in the town. I have some angel-like friends famous for venturing life regularly in utter creativity. We cook together, shout together and travel together frequently. We arrange barbecue-party, bridge party every month and Moon-Fest annually.

Md. Zahid Hasan, bcs exam
Bar-B-Q Party with friends!


My Mission with this Blog!

My mission with my blog-site www.BCSexam.com is to help the busy service-holder BCS exam candidates, first time candidates or unsuccessful BCS exam candidates to overcome the obstacles of BCS exam easily, quickly and successfully. I was declared qualified for Bangladesh Civil Service two times and have experimented a lot on BCS exam preparation to give you some  valuable and effective tips. If you have been nourishing a dream to be a BCS Cadre officer, you should visit this website to follow my researched-advice and tips.

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