BCS Seat Plan

41th BCS Seat plan has been (soon to be published soon) published yesterday by Bangladesh Public Commission-BPSC. 41st BCS Preliminary Exam will be held on soon at 7 regions supervised by seven regional headquarters of the Public Service Commission. Download the BCS seat plan of 41st BCS Preliminary exam from the following link: (The link […]

BCS Preparation: Be a Unicorn in the Sea of Donkeys!

Many moons ago, the smart people of our time used to advise us to get a hand on computer to become a unicorn in the sea of donkeys braying across the job market. To bag a job, the job-seekers used to throng the computer training centres to have a mastery over MS Office. That was […]

৩টি শর্ত পূরণ করতে পারলেই আপনি বিসিএস ক্যাডার হতে পারবেন। BCS Preparation tips

বিসিএস ক্যাডার হতে চাইলে আপনাকে ৩টি শর্ত পূরণ করতেই হবে। আমি এদেরকে বিসিএস পরীক্ষায় সফলভাবে উত্তীর্ণ হওয়ার ‘রুলস অব থাম (Rules of thumb)’ বলে থাকি। প্রথম যে শর্তটি পূরণ করতে হবে সেটি হচ্ছে, বিসিএস ক্যাডার হওয়ার তীব্র আকাঙ্ক্ষাটা জাগিয়ে রাখা। আমাদের কিশোর বয়সে একটা কথা প্রচলিত ছিল-‘সিনেমা দেখার টাকা ভুতে যোগাড় করে দেয়!’ আসলেই সত্য […]

BCS Exam Report:15 Major Preparation Problems of the BCS Exam Candidates

Do you know which major problems you are facing as a BCS exam candidate? Last 19 April, 2015, I invited the BCS exam candidates in different facebook groups to participate in a survey about the problems they have been facing while preparing for the BCS examination. Hundreds of you responded to my call and gave […]

4 Crucial Lessons a BCS Exam Candidate Can Learn from the Bangladesh-India Cricket Match

Are you surprised at how the Bangladesh Vs. India cricket match can help your BCS exam preparation? Yes, it can help. If you compare both a BCS exam phase like BCS Preliminary Exam or BCS Written Exam or BCS Viva Voce and a cricket match with a battle, you have many things, at least 4 […]