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BCS Preparation: 10 Tips for BCS Preliminary Preparation

You want to take BCS preparation or BCS Preliminary preparation successfully, right? But are you taking your BCS preparation adopting wrong strategies? Do you really know the right ... Continue Reading →
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BCS Application Form & BCS Cadre Choice: 4 Confusions

Are you filling up your BCS application form wrong? Are you in confusions about choosing your BCS cadre choice-order? Who wasn’t confused? Who isn’t confused and who won’t be ... Continue Reading →
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10 Tips to Take BCS Written Preparation Quickly

Have you already kick-started your BCS Written Preparation?   If you’ve already started BCS Written Exam preparation, perhaps, you’re worried! If you’re delayed by some extent ... Continue Reading →
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BCS Exam Report:15 Major Preparation Problems of the BCS Exam Candidates

Do you know which major problems you are facing as a BCS exam candidate? Last 19 April, 2015, I invited the BCS exam candidates in different facebook groups to participate in a survey ... Continue Reading →
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35th BCS Preliminary Exam Result Published. Download here-www.bpsc.gov.bd

Download 35th BCS Preliminary Result here. 35th BCS Preliminary Exam result download link. Click to download 35th BCS Preliminary result. 35th BCS Preli download link: http://www.bpsc.gov.bd/upload/docs/bcs_result_0408171508.pdf 35th ... Continue Reading →
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Why Waiting for BCS Preliminary Exam Result is Stupidity!

You’ve been eagerly waiting for BCS Preliminary exam result, haven’t you? But is there any tested and researched logic behind your stupid waiting? No, no logic is there! If ... Continue Reading →
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4 Crucial Lessons a BCS Exam Candidate Can Learn from the Bangladesh-India Cricket Match

Are you surprised at how the Bangladesh Vs. India cricket match can help your BCS exam preparation? Yes, it can help. If you compare both a BCS exam phase like BCS Preliminary Exam ... Continue Reading →
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35th BCS Seat Plan Published: Download here 35th BCS Preliminary Exam Seat Plan

35th BCS Seat Plan Download & Some Exclusive Tips for BPSC exams: Notice: 35th BCS Preliminary Exam Seat Plan was published by BPSC-Download 35th BCS Seat Plan from here and go ... Continue Reading →
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3 Mistakes You Must Not Do in the BCS Preliminary Exam under BPSC- BCS Preparation Tips

Do you know why most of the candidates won’t succeed in the BCS Preliminary Exam under BPSC? Do you have any ideas about the three stupid mistakes you may commit in your BCS Preliminary ... Continue Reading →