BCS Cadre Choice 

How to do ‘BCS Cadre Choice List’ correctly and sensibly   How to arrange your cadre choice while from fill-up: Firstly, take a look at the Facility-based Cadre Chart- FCC. Identify which cadre goes well with your personality and lifestyle. FCC (Facility-based Cadre Chart): Cadre Name  Promotion Facilities Holidays and work pressure related facilities Posting […]

BCS Application Form & BCS Cadre Choice: 4 Confusions

Are you filling up your BCS application form wrong? Are you in confusions about choosing your BCS cadre choice-order? Who wasn’t confused? Who isn’t confused and who won’t be confused? Don’t worry! I’m trying below to dispel some of your confusions about filling up your BCS application form and BCS cadre choice: Check out whether […]