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Privacy Policy; Terms & Conditions:  For this blog and Zahid Hasan on Facebook page (
If you see an Ad, or view any contents on my Facebook page or on blog and want to have my provided PDFs or to be directed to my provided any links, and provide your data by subscribing to my Youtube Channels, following my page or filling-in any form with your personal data (Name, E-mail address, Phone number and other tracking details),
You hereby, by filling-in the form, or going through my blog posts, video contents, PDFs, agree to the following terms and conditions that:
1. I may use your data for further communications with you by any forms or medium of communication.
2. If you cannot dowload the free PDF files, you will collect that by knocking at my WhatsApp number: 01755671474. 3. I may notice you my any updates on social media or through your phone number or E-mail address using your provided data. 4. I won’t hand over your personal data to other for any purposes.
4. You will take the sole responsibility of any damages or misdirections, wrong decisions made by you, caused by my blog posts, video contents, books or PDFs.

About me

Md. Zahid Hasan is a BCS Cadre officer and the founder-writer of . He joined Bangladesh Civil Service in 2011 being the 27th in the merit-list under his cadre-post of 29th BCS exam. He started writing on the tricks and tips of BCS exam preparation being requested by his senior students. He is an ardent researcher and experimenter of BCS exam preparation. If you are serious about becoming a BCS cadre officer, then Read More…

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