Facility based Cadre Choice Chart- FCC Chart PDF

Facility-based Cadre Choice Chart or FCC Chart is a selected part taken from the best-selling book for BCS Exam Preparation, দ্য ক্যাডার  written by Md. Zahid Hasan. It’s a simple but important innovation engineered by Md. Zahid Hasan, BCS(Education Cadre), an ardent researcher on BCS Exam Preparation. This chart will help you select the most suitable cadre posts based on your lifestyle, life priorities, and personal philosophy of looking at things.


This chart is prepared based on the job environment, job descriptions, posting facilities, available leave patterns, workload, work pressure, personal or shared vehicle facility, accommodation facilities, grans of rewards, and so on.

This Facility-based Cadre Choice Chart will immensely help you identify your weaknesses, strengths, and aspirations for your life.


Download the FCC Chart from this link>>>.


Courtesy: দ্য ক্যাডার  বইটি  পড়তে  ক্লিক করুন>>>Download BCS Syllabus and BCS Preliminary Syllabus from here.

এবং  JobLit  বইটি পড়তে  ক্লিক করুন>>>

Joblit - জবলিট by Md. Zahid Hasan


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Md. Zahid Hasan is a BCS Cadre officer and the founder-writer of BCSExam.com . He joined Bangladesh Civil Service in 2011 being the 27th in the merit-list under his cadre-post of 29th BCS exam. He started writing on the tricks and tips of BCS exam preparation being requested by his senior students. He is an ardent researcher and experimenter of BCS exam preparation. If you are serious about becoming a BCS cadre officer, then Read More…

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