BCS Viva: Best Book and Preparation Strategies

   STRATEGIES AND THE BEST BOOK TO PREPARE FOR BCS VIVA-VOCE              BCS VIVA- 200 MARKS (PASS MARK- 50%)   BCS VIVA-Voice 1. Pre-Viva Preparation A) Checklist of required documents B) Dress code for viva C) Basic questions on Viva and how to deal with them D) How to handle a strange/unpleasant situation at Viva-board […]

BCS CADRE: List, Rank, Salary and Other Facilities

Profile of BCS Police Cadre, BCS Foreign Cadre, BCS Admin Cadre, and 17 Other Popular Cadres (out of 26)   POLICE CADRE: Entry Post:  ASP Highest Post: IGP Ranking: ASP—>Addl.ASP—>SP—>Addl.DIG—>DIG—>Addl.IG—>IGP Posting: Circle, district headquarters, division headquarter, zone, in-service training center, police staff college, police Academy, training school, police headquarters, etc. Facilities: A freshly appointed ASP […]

BCS Admin Cadre

BCS admin cadre facilities and shortcomings  ADMIN CADRE Entry Post:  Assistant Commissioner Highest Post: Secretary Facilities: 75% of the posts from Deputy Secretary to Senior Secretary are filled by members of the administrative cadre. The remaining 25% comes from other cadres. The administrative cadre is generally promoted to the top positions in various government departments, […]

‘দ্য ক্যাডার’ বইটির প্রাপ্তিস্থান সমূহ

‘দ্য ক্যাডার’ বইটির প্রাপ্তিস্থান সমূহঃ বইটি অন-লাইনে প্রাপ্তির লিঙ্কঃ এখানে ক্লিক করুন কুরিয়ারে নিতে চাইলে ফোন করুনঃ 16297 নম্বরে তাছাড়া সারা বাংলাদেশের নিম্নোল্লিখিত বিভাগীয় ও জেলা শহরে পাওয়া যাচ্ছেঃ ** ঢাকাঃ ১. সুমনা বইঘর, বাংলাবাজার, ঢাকা।(পরিবেশক; ফোন: ০১৯২০-৪৯৪৬০৭) ২. মামুন বুক হাউজ, নীলক্ষেত, ঢাকা। ৩. তাজ বুক হাউস, নীলক্ষেত ৪. উদয়ন লাইব্রেরি, নীলক্ষেত ৫. জ্ঞানের […]

BCS Preparation: 10 Tips for BCS Preliminary Preparation

Are you taking your BCS preparation or BCS Preliminary preparation adopting the wrong strategies? Do you really know the right approach to taking BCS Preparation? If you don’t know how to take BCS preparation, especially how to take BCS Preliminary preparation easily, and effectively, then these following step-by-step BCS preparation tips are for you. Article […]

Why Waiting for BCS Preliminary Exam Result is Stupidity!

You’ve been eagerly waiting for BCS Preliminary exam result, haven’t you? But is there any tested and researched logic behind your stupid waiting? No, no logic is there! If you’re almost sure about your BCS Preliminary Exam success, then why are YOU waiting? If you’re NOT sure about the possibility of your success, then why […]

3 Mistakes You Must Not Do in the BCS Preliminary Exam under BPSC- BCS Preparation Tips

Do you know why most of the candidates won’t succeed in the BCS Preliminary Exam under BPSC? Do you have any ideas about the three stupid mistakes you may commit in your BCS Preliminary Exam? Perhaps, you don’t know which mistakes I am talking about. You are in darkness about which three common mistakes will […]