Facility based Cadre Choice Chart- FCC Chart PDF

Facility-based Cadre Choice Chart or FCC Chart is a selected part taken from the best-selling book for BCS Exam Preparation, দ্য ক্যাডার  written by Md. Zahid Hasan. It’s a simple but important innovation engineered by Md. Zahid Hasan, BCS(Education Cadre), an ardent researcher on BCS Exam Preparation. This chart will help you select the most […]

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Privacy Policy; Terms & Conditions:  For this blog and Zahid Hasan on Facebook page (Facebook.com/zahidhasan.academy): If you see an Ad, or view any contents on my Facebook page or on bcsexam.com blog and want to have my provided PDFs or to be directed to my provided any links, and provide your data by subscribing to […]

46 BCS Circular PDF 2023: 46th BCS Circular Pdf Download Link

46 BCS Circular PDF: All 22 Pages of the 46th BCS Circular PDF Can Be Downloaded from Here. 46 BCS Circular 2023 pdf has been published by Bangladesh Public Service Commission. Please, download all the 22 pages of the BCS Circular 46. *Download Link of 46 BCS Circular PDF here>> 46th BCS Circular download. বি.দ্র.:  ৪৬তম […]

45 BCS Syllabus: BCS Preliminary Syllabus and Written Syllabus PDF

45 BCS Syllabus or 45th BCS Preliminary Syllabus or BCS Written Syllabus PDF Download. Please, go through this 45 BCS Syllabus Analysis first and then find the download link under the picture of the book. BCS Syllabus given by Bangladesh Public Service Commission-BPSC comprises two phases: 45 BCS Preliminary Syllabus and BCS Written Syllabus. [Syllabus […]

‘দ্য ক্যাডার’ বইটির প্রাপ্তিস্থান সমূহ

‘দ্য ক্যাডার’ বইটির প্রাপ্তিস্থান সমূহঃ বইটি অন-লাইনে প্রাপ্তির লিঙ্কঃ এখানে ক্লিক করুন কুরিয়ারে নিতে চাইলে ফোন করুনঃ 16297 নম্বরে তাছাড়া সারা বাংলাদেশের নিম্নোল্লিখিত বিভাগীয় ও জেলা শহরে পাওয়া যাচ্ছেঃ ** ঢাকাঃ ১. সুমনা বইঘর, বাংলাবাজার, ঢাকা।(পরিবেশক; ফোন: ০১৯২০-৪৯৪৬০৭) ২. মামুন বুক হাউজ, নীলক্ষেত, ঢাকা। ৩. তাজ বুক হাউস, নীলক্ষেত ৪. উদয়ন লাইব্রেরি, নীলক্ষেত ৫. জ্ঞানের […]

BCS Viva: Best Book and Preparation Strategies

   STRATEGIES AND THE BEST BOOK TO PREPARE FOR BCS VIVA-VOCE              BCS VIVA- 200 MARKS (PASS MARK- 50%)   BCS VIVA-Voice 1. Pre-Viva Preparation A) Checklist of required documents B) Dress code for viva C) Basic questions on Viva and how to deal with them D) How to handle a strange/unpleasant situation at Viva-board […]

BCS Cadre List, Rank, Salary and Other Facilities

BCS Cadre list, profiles of BCS Police Cadre, BCS Foreign Cadre, BCS Admin Cadre, and 17 Other Popular Cadres   POLICE CADRE: Entry Post:  ASP Highest Post: IGP Ranking: ASP—>Addl.ASP—>SP—>Addl.DIG—>DIG—>Addl.IG—>IGP Posting: Circle, district headquarters, division headquarter, zone, in-service training center, police staff college, police Academy, training school, police headquarters, etc. Facilities: A freshly appointed ASP […]

BCS Admin Cadre

BCS admin cadre facilities and shortcomings  ADMIN CADRE Entry Post:  Assistant Commissioner Highest Post: Secretary Facilities: 75% of the posts from Deputy Secretary to Senior Secretary are filled by members of the administrative cadre. The remaining 25% comes from other cadres. The administrative cadre is generally promoted to the top positions in various government departments, […]

BCS Cadre Choice- যা যা জানা দরকার

How to do ‘BCS Cadre Choice List’ correctly and sensibly   How to arrange your cadre choice while from fill-up: Firstly, take a look at the Facility-based Cadre Chart- FCC. Identify which cadre goes well with your personality and lifestyle. FCC (Facility-based Cadre Chart): Cadre Name  Promotion Facilities Holidays and work pressure related facilities Posting […]