BCS Exam Report:15 Major Preparation Problems of the BCS Exam Candidates

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Do you know which major problems you are facing as a BCS exam candidate?

Last 19 April, 2015, I invited the BCS exam candidates in different facebook groups to participate in a survey about the problems they have been facing while preparing for the BCS examination.

Hundreds of you responded to my call and gave me the answers of some close-ended and some open-ended questions.

I became surprised!

I’d like to give you a ‘BIG Thanks’ for your co-operation and support.

There are hundreds of answers and problems you mentioned in that survey.

I’ve categorized your problems in 15 major categories based on the sounding-alike problems.

At the ending part of this article, I’ll list your problems so that you may check out whether they resemble your own problems or any other pressing problem is missed out.

General Statistics of the BCS Exam Candidates

Q-1: I asked you, ‘What academic level you are in?/What do you do ?’

Findings: 13.33 % candidates studying honours, 27.78 % studying masters, 42.22 % unemployed, 16.67 % employed.

BCS Exam Report, BCS Preparation, BCS Exam

Q-2: Did you participate in the 34th  or 35th BCS Exam?

Findings: 75 % candidates participated and 25 % didn’t participate in any of the BCS Tests.

BCS Exam Report, BCS Preparation, BCS Exam

Q-3: Have you ever gone through any of my articles on my blog-site www.BCSExam.com before?

Findings: 15.48 % have read my article before and 84.52 % haven’t.

BCS Exam Report, BCS Preparation, BCS Exam, BCS Exam Problems

Q-4: Which language-medium do you prefer for my blog-tips on BCSExam.com?

Findings: 12.50 % said that I should write tips in English, 44.32 % preferred Bangla and 43.18 % preferred Bang-lish!

BCS Exam Report, BCS Preparation, BCS Exam

Q-5: I asked you to give me your email address so that I may contact you or send you important BCS exam related stuff.

Findings: 54 candidates gave me their email addresses. Thank you. I’ll send you email-tips on BCS Preparation soon.

BCS Preliminary Test,BCS Exam Report, BCS Preparation, BCS Exam

Q-6: I asked you to give me your phone number so that I may contact you for any sort of query.

Findings: Only 36 candidates gave me their phone number!

Guys, you didn’t trust a stranger! I appreciate your sense of privacy. For your assurance: I belong to BCS (Education) Cadre, 29th BCS, Merit Position-27. At present I am a Lecturer of a renowned Government College, having Twenty seven thousands and four hundred students collectively from HSC, Honours and Masters Levels.

BCS Exam Report, BCS Preparation, BCS Exam

Q-7 & 8 (Merged as they are same): Two important questions for you and me as well:

Qn: Which problems you have been facing most and which of your problems I should focus on in my tips-based articles?

BCS Exam Report, BCS Preparation, BCS GuideQ-8:

BCS Written Test, BCS Preliminary  Test, BCS Exam

Findings: (I have listed the problems under 15 heads.)

Problem-1: I don’t know where to start from my BCS Preliminary Exam Syllabus.

Problem-2: What are the easiest ways to pass preliminary test? I have not been able to pass it several times.

Problem-3: How can I get good marks in BCS Written Exam? I passed the BCS preliminary test already.

Problem-4: How can I prepare myself for BCS Preliminary Examination within a very short time? I’m very busy and don’t have enough time to read.

Problem-5: The preliminary syllabus is a huge syllabus. How can I knock the bustard down?

Problem-6: I’m week in English and Math. How can I master over BCS English and speed-math?

Problem-7: I can’t concentrate on study. How can I concentrate?

Problem-8: I can’t remember information for long and often mess-up with information. How can I strengthen my memory-faculty?

Problem-9: I’m a student yet. How can I prepare for BCS examination side by side my academic study?

Problem-10: I’m a service-holder and don’t have enough time to study. How can I prepare for BCS examination reading just a couple of hours weekly?

Problem-11: How can I have a smart approach to deal with negative marking in the preliminary test?

Problem-12: How can I have a solid and effective study-plan for each subject?

Problem-13: How can I have a proved and logical set of exam-presentation strategies?

Problem-14: How can I budget time realistically?

Problem-15: Which books should I purchase for different subjects?


Guys, your above pain-points are genuine and I am happy that you could figure them out authentically.

Don’t worry! As the problems are identified, I will try my level best to offer you effective and proven solutions to  those problems.

I will definitely consult with other BCS officers so that my remedies may be rectified and tested duly.

The detailed solutions and documentations will require lots of pages to be written in, as I guess.

Okay, let me find a way to help you. Till then bye!

Have I missed out any other important problems you are facing to get prepared for BCS test?

Write your own problems below if there is any.

Thanks for your patient reading.


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