3 Mistakes You Must Not Do in the BCS Preliminary Exam under BPSC- BCS Preparation Tips

BCS Preparation, BCS Exam, BCS, bpsc, PSC bdDo you know why most of the candidates won’t succeed in the BCS Preliminary Exam under BPSC?

Do you have any ideas about the three stupid mistakes you may commit in your BCS Preliminary Exam?

Perhaps, you don’t know which mistakes I am talking about. You are in darkness about which three common mistakes will bring disasters to the candidates of the 35th BCS test or 36th BCS test or any other BCS test. It’s not your fault, neither your fellow candidates’.

I guess you aren’t least bothered about the mistakes as you’ve not studied your syllabus carefully or you’ve not appeared at any BCS Preliminary exam before. So, these issues are not your cup of tea while you are taking your Preparation, are they really?

Don’t worry! You’re in the right place to be educated about your BCS exam strategies while taking BCS Preparation.

Just go through the mistakes I have listed below and check those in the exam that is held under the supervision of Bangladesh Public Service Commission i.e. BPSC:

  1. Starting with Mathematical Reasoning Section of BCS Preliminary Exam Questionnaire:

It will be utter stupidity if you start answering from Mathematical reasoning section. Because only 15 marks is allotted for your mathematical reasoning section. If you get stuck to any problems of this section, it may affect the other parts of your total 200-mark exam.

Though 15 marks is 7.5% of your total 200 marks, it may reduce your score roughly 15-20% which is a huge damage to your overall score. In the previous preliminary exams of PSC bd, mathematical reasoning would constitute 20% of the total 100 marks exam.

So scoring a sound figure in the mathematical reasoning section would matter less and play a less defining role in the preliminary exam success. Even in those previous exams, if a candidate messed up with any questions of mathematical reasoning section, he would face a disaster in his other sections of  the test. I myself faced a grave damage in my 28th BCS Preliminary due to my getting stuck to mathematical reasoning problems and I narrowly escaped my failure to succeed in that that exam held under PSC Bangladesh.

But the scenario has changed and now there is no point to start answering from mathematical reasoning section from the 35th BCS Preliminary Exam and onward exams or any other Preliminary test. You can better take on it at the ending part of your exam duration.

  1. Getting Panic-Seized Seeing Tough Questions in the Questionnaire

Exam of any kind is always a war of nerves. BCS preliminary exam is not free from this. It is, in some respects, a tougher battle than your previous academic exams. Perhaps, it is such an exam you have been waiting for long to fight. It is such of your few exams which is going to define your career or change your life. Lots of reasons are there behind your nervousness in the eve of the exam or during you are brainstorming questions in the exam hall.

Perhaps, you are over serious about your preparation for the upcoming exams. You have spoiled a huge chunk of time doing unnecessary things and you exactly don’t know where to start from or how to get a smart finishing touch on your overall preparation for the exam.

I say you shouldn’t anyway worry about your preliminary exam performance as the success of BCS Exam doesn’t always depend on your pre-exam preparation for the battle. Neither a good and flawless preparation will bring you an expected level of victory in the preliminary test you are going to sit for.

Actually, only those candidates will get through the Exam battle who are both industrious and tactful. You need a sound exam strategy and implementation plan to knock the bastard down! A good number of candidates take solid preparation so that they may certainly expect to bag the victory over the preliminary test-monster but most of them get frustrated seeing the outcome of their hard-sweated preparation. It will be an utter waste of time if you don’t build a strong fighting stamina against the odd environments which may sock you and startle you in the exam hall.

So, I am going to offer you a couple tips to fight the odd exam-hall environments which may freak you otherwise if not addressed:

  • Relax a Bit When You Find the Tough-Questions:

Hey, guy! This is not your academic exam that requires you to score a handsome figure to achieve an expected grade for your future jobs or scholarships. It is all about competition and you just need to cross the level of score that is expected to join the winners’ pool.

In a particular preliminary exam held earlier, for example, it just needed 45 marks to qualify for the respective BCS preliminary exam qualifying pool of candidates and in another preliminary exam, it needed more than 65 marks to qualify. So, don’t get panic-stricken seeing tough questionnaire as it is also a tough questionnaire for most of the candidates. Be cool and composed and brainstorm your questions normally. Perhaps, you are able to score a very poor figure in the preliminary test and still there is a good chance and also some good reasons that you may qualify for that exam.

Do you know about my score of the 28th BCS Preliminary Exam? It was just 47.5 yet I could get success in that exam. So, get relaxed. A tough questionnaire is NOT always a tough exam at the end of the day.


  • Math Makes Most of the Examinees Panic-Seized.

Again from my experience, I affirm that to start answering the mathematics section at the beginning is a very BIG wrong and it’s of course not the right strategy even if you are the Einstein of Mathematics. It may bring disaster for your preliminary exam because an easy and simple problem can consume lots of time which will lead you touch the time dead-line with some known questions unanswered. Freaking enough, right?


  • Never Be a Perfectionist While Filling in the Circles of OMR Sheet.

Some candidates waste their valuable time being too much fastidious with circle-filling and become panic-seized when they try to touch all the questions they are really able to cope with. I do advise you not to seek cent percent perfection while you are filling in your circles of the OMR-sheet. Your filling can be just enough to cover the character or option-letter. You needn’t blacken every white dots of the circle. It is just nothing but waste of your valuable time.


  1. Don’t Rely on Side-Men

Look, you have got to understand you won’t be able to go too far with your BCS exam relying on your fellow candidates’ help who are supposed to sit in your bench or around your seat in the exam hall. Bangladesh Public Service Commission or BPSC is very meticulous about controlling the unfair means that are seen to take place in the BCS Exam hall. You may be expelled or your answer-script be taken hostage by the personnel deputed over there in the exam hall for invigilation duty. Such types of mishap can cause disaster to your journey to be a BCS cadre officer.

Moreover, mere copying the answers of your side-men can decrease the accuracy level of your answers and you have to suffer from unexpected penalties which are unnecessary at this stage. You may be sabotaged by your side-men and thus face a catastrophic score in the bcs preliminary exam. So, solidify your bcs preparation and don’t rely on your side-men.

BCS Preliminary Exam is the most vital BCS test of all the tests of your bcs examination. You shouldn’t take your BCS preparation casually as the failure to make it may stop your next journey.

BPSC authority always encourages the candidates to get solid BCS preparation by studying extensively before sitting for bcs exam under Bangladesh Public Service Commission. They use to write such important advices on every bcs exam circular to remind the willing job seekers that it is a serious game.

Yes, it is time to focus on your BCS preparation seriously. Practice your strategies to get accustomed to those before your BCS Preliminary Exam date or Preliminary Exam Seat Plan is published. I wish you all the very best for your coming exam.

You can read my another blog post for more details: How you can beat BCS Preliminary exam by preparing yourself in 7 effective ways.

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