BCS Application Form & BCS Cadre Choice: 4 Confusions

bcs application form, bcs application, bcs application onlineAre you filling up your BCS application form wrong?

Are you in confusions about choosing your BCS cadre choice-order?

Who wasn’t confused? Who isn’t confused and who won’t be confused?

Don’t worry! I’m trying below to dispel some of your confusions about filling up your BCS application form and BCS cadre choice:

Check out whether any of the following ones is/are the confusion/s you have been suffering from.

Confusion No-1: About Selecting Your Employment Status

Which employment status would you choose? Is that ‘Not Employed’ or ‘Regular Basis under Revenue Budget’ or ‘Private Organisation’ or else one?

My suggestion is that you shouldn’t hide your job-identity. It may cause unnecessary hassle during police verification phase or at viva-voce board.

bcs application form, bcs application online

Best practice is you must mention your job-status if you’re in a government job, be it under revenue budget, or development project or autonomous/ semi-autonomous organization. You’ll have to submit your NOC (No Objection Certificate) taken from the employer organization at your viva-board.

If you’re serving at a private organization, you still can mention it. Many candidates don’t like to mention their job status as they think they won’t be able to manage an NOC from their respective authority. NOC is not required for a service-holder of any private organisation. You won’t need or require submitting NOC before the viva-board if you’re a service-holder of a private organisation.


Confusion No-2: Does Exam Centre Matter?

Many candidates under regional offices of BPSC believe that candidates under Dhaka Head Office enjoy special priority regarding result and cadre allotment. It is a stupid idea. Exam centre never influences your result or luck! It will be wise if you select your exam centre based on the facilities you have available for it.

bcs application form

You must consider whether you’ll be able to reach your selected exam centre in due time while selecting exam centre in the bcs application form. Accommodation and food availability should be considered too.


Confusion No-3: Have You Mentioned  Your Obtained Marks-Percentage Wrong?

There is a field in your bcs application form (BPSC Form-1) where you’ll have to mention your obtained marks percentage. You shouldn’t provide any wrong information or incorrect information about your obtained marks. Make sure you apply the given equation to find out the percentage of your obtained marks in your academic exams.

bcs application form, bcs cadre choice


4. BCS Cadre Choice: Don’t make a stupid choice!

There are lots of talks and opinions about BCS cadre choice. During filling up bcs application form, some candidates choose BCS Customs and Excise, BCS Taxation, BCS Police not based on their real ‘feel-like’ desire/ instinct. These cadre posts top some job seekers’ list based on those cadres’ facilities spiced up with power, honour and money.

Please, try to understand your own personality. Do you want to use power illegally? Do you want to earn illegal money?

So, just have a rational choice of your desired top cadres to fill up your bcs application form. Mind it all cadre officers use to enjoy the same pay grade and have the same salary structure.

You must follow your heart during your cadre-list selection. Never hanker after what greedy people tell you.

Again you’ll be asked lots of questions at your viva-board about why your top-priority cadre posts are your favourite cadres. The viva-board members will test the depth of your perception about your top-listed cadres.

They will make fun at your cadre-choice priority if you cannot convince them that you really don’t have any hidden greed for illegal power and money.

I don’t say that the officers of those cadres are bad people. In fact, lots of bright and honest officers are there.

Hope you won’t face any confusion while filling BCS Application form online and making your BCS cadre choice.

I wish you a successful beginning. Stay in touch.


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