BCS Admin Cadre

BCS admin cadre facilities and shortcomings 


Entry Post:  Assistant Commissioner

Highest Post: Secretary


  • 75% of the posts from Deputy Secretary to Senior Secretary are filled by members of the administrative cadre. The remaining 25% comes from other cadres.
  • The administrative cadre is generally promoted to the top positions in various government departments, directorates, and corporations. In this cadre, one can work in 15 different jobs in their lifetime.
  • UNO, DC, and divisional commissioners always remain focused and are invited as chief guests to numerous functions and programs at the sub-division, division, and district levels.
  • Typically, officers in the administrative cadres are in charge of initiating a variety of development and social policies. UNO, DC is in charge of carrying out government decisions and informing the government with policy feedback received from the grassroots level. That’s the reason for which they always remain focused in the eye of the government
  • International travels, foreign training, and foreign educational scholarships are all widely available to members of this cadre.
  • The members of the admin cadre are not only given importance while working in government services but also after their Retirement they are equally valued. Secretary of this cadre is appointed in various Commissions and corporations after their retirement. Many people work as advisors and directors in various government institutions after they retire, and are well compensated.
  • Promotions in this cadre occur at a breakneck pace. Due to their ability to run mobile courts, these cadre members have limited executive magisterial powers.

Limitations in Admin Cadre:

  • Administrative cadre is one of those 2-3 cadres in which the workload is huge. Like police cadre this cadre also has to maintain many protocols.
  • Often the officers of this cadre had to work late-night and are required to be in the office for the majority of the holidays. Even for the sake of the country, you may receive an order to report to the station canceling your Eid holidays.
  • Officers in charge of administration do not have the luxury of making mistakes. Due to numerous responsibilities, this work may become exhausting.
  • In the government service, there is a rule that no government employee will challenge any policy decision made by the ruling government. If you get embroiled in such a complex political situation, you will frequently suffer unpleasant postings and OSD.
  • Dealing with opportunistic leaders of various political parties while fulfilling responsibilities at various levels can be exhausting.

Article Courtesy: দ্য ক্যাডার


Translated by Nabila Shairy

Source: The Cadre

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