BCS Cadre List, Rank, Salary and Other Facilities

BCS Cadre list, profiles of BCS Police Cadre, BCS Foreign Cadre, BCS Admin Cadre, and 17 Other Popular Cadres



Entry Post:  ASP

Highest Post: IGP




Circle, district headquarters, division headquarter, zone, in-service training center, police staff college, police Academy, training school, police headquarters, etc.


  • A freshly appointed ASP is given a car after completing training. The majority of the cadre do not have this facility.
  • A police officer has the opportunity to perform various tasks in UN peacekeeping missions. Postings in these missions give police officers the opportunity to work in the international arena and receive higher pay allowances set by the United Nations.
  • Get risk allowance while working.
  • Get food with the aid of rationing. The police also receive free medical treatment in the hospital or, if necessary, in a hospital abroad.
  • Can contribute to direct participation in maintaining peace and order in the society.
  • Foreign training is offered to the majority of officers.
  • This cadre would be incredibly fun for those who enjoy challenges and adventure.
  • There are facilities to get promoted to IGP from ASP. Have the opportunity to work anywhere in the country.
  • In this cadre, there are opportunities to work in the administrative academy, CID and RAB.


     Limitations of Police Cadre:

  • In this cadre, strict standards must be followed. This group is not for those who aren’t fond of boisterous lifestyles.
  • Due to a disaster or any situation related to law, you may not be able to rest or enjoy your casual holidays in this cadre.
  • Many police officers in developing countries are confronted with a variety of tough conditions that may have an impact on their personal and family lives.


  1. ADMIN CADRE: Please, see the link at the end of this article to know details of the BCS Admin Cadre.

Article Courtesy: দ্য ক্যাডার (বিসিএস প্রস্তুতি কৌশলের উপর একটি বেস্ট-সেলার বই।





  • There are job opportunities in Dhaka throughout the tenure of the service. There are also many opportunities to participate in training, conferences, and study abroad.
  • Deputation members have the option to work on projects in the country with a variety of international organizations and foreign funds. The project can be done on a high-salary basis.
  • There are numerous opportunities for promotion. It’s possible that you’ll be promoted to member of the Planning Commission (secretary/senior secretary).

[N.B.: In November of 2018, the BCS Economic Cadre was merged with the Admin Cadre.]



Entry Post:  Comptroller of Public Accounts

Highest post:  Comptroller General of Accounts


Comptroller of Public Accounts —>  Deputy Assistant General Accountant —> Additional Accounts Register —> General Accounts Register


  1. A) Timely payment of salaries, allowances and ancillary bills.
  2. B) Paying the pension on time.
  3. C) Monitoring and supervising.
  4. D) Salary scales, salary determinations, leave, pensions, rewards, retirement benefits, travel allowances, general future funds, and the formulation of different financial provisions in such matters, as well as the issuance of appropriate orders.
  5. E) Preparing monthly accounts, financial accounts and adjustment accounts on time.
  6. F) Advising to establish financial discipline and accountability, as well as to achieve thrift, through the development of organizational structure and financial policies.
  7. G) To provide financial advice to the Principal Accounting Officer (PAO) of every ministry /division.


  • Among all the cadres, only the highest position (CAG) of this cadre is a constitutional post. Therefore, the audits and accounts of all the cadres are supervised by this cadre.
  • Chances of promotion are quite good. One can get promoted to a grade-1 post.
  • Foreign tours and training are provided.
  • Postings will be in Dhaka and other divisional cities.



  • As the major purpose of this department is to keep an eye on whether government money is appropriately utilized or expended in various government institutions, or if any government employee is participating in corruption, they must deal with a lot of corrupt people.
  • Have to struggle a lot, to stay honest.




Entry Post:  Assistant Director/ Assistant District Commander/ Battalion Deputy                                                  Commander

Highest post: Director General

Working Fields: Bangladesh’s Ansar is made up of eight ranges. The 8 ancient cities are home to the range headquarters.  Promotion is offered in these ranges or at the headquarter of Bangladesh Ansar and Village Defense Force in Dhaka.

Promotional pace: Medium. Promotion occurs up to the Director General.

Facilities: Have transportation and accommodation facilities and can work in a clean environment.

Limitations:  Sometimes promotion in the post of grade-1 or Director-General is given to a Major General from Army.



Entry post:   a) Assistant Director/ Information Officer/ Research Officer/ Equivalent Post

b) Assistant Information controller

Highest post: Chief Information Officer

Ranking: District Mass Communication Department, Film and Publication Department, Dhaka, Film Censor Board, Dhaka, Bangladesh Film Archive, Dhaka, Department of Information, Dhaka, Bangladesh Radio, Bangladesh Television, Bangladesh News Agency, Bangladesh Film Development Corporation, B.F.T.I etc.

Promotional pace: Good. Can get promotion up to Grade-1 or Chief Information Officer

Limitations: The type of event that takes place in regional centers is not popular with the audience, and there is little excitement in the offices.



Entry Post: Assistant Secretary

Highest post: Foreign Secretary


  • The first posting is in the Foreign Ministry situated in Shagun Bagicha of Dhaka.
  • After two to three years, postings are available in Bangladesh embassies abroad.
  • You will get a foreign allowance during foreign posting.
  • During working abroad, accommodation, educational and medical expenses of two children will be borne by the government as per the rules.
  • There are many facilities for foreign tours and training.
  • Promotion-pace is very good. There are 21 grade-1 posts. Promotion can be up to Senior Secretory (Foreign Secretary).



  • Usually posting country is changed every three years for which children education is greatly hampered.
  • In some circumstances, being stationed in a disliked country it is necessary to adapt to the hostile weather and environment.


  • Have to work as a wing of NBR.
  • There are numerous legal ways to generate money. For example, if a case of smuggling products and customs evasion is caught, a Grant of Reward is issued. The sum of this Grant of Reward might be in crores.
  • The transportation and lodging options are excellent.
  • The pace of promotion in junior tires is moderate.
  • There are legitimate ways to exercise power.
  • At district headquarters, the initial post is made.
  • There are overseas trip options as well as government educational scholarships.
  • Have the opportunity to be promoted to grade-1 posts.



  • There is a lot of work pressure in the initial stage of posting.
  • As the office’s leader, there is no time for leisure when it comes to doing a variety of mundane tasks.
  • Have to work even after working hours.
  • Have to face many difficulties to deal with the lobbyists and bogus smugglers.



NBR is a branch of the Finance Ministry’s IRD and Tax Wing is a department of NBR.


  • Promotion-pace is good.
  • When it comes to becoming a member of the NBR, the tax cadre takes precedence over the customs cadre.
  • There are legitimate ways to exercise power.
  • Likewise, in the Customs cadre, one can get a percentage of Grant of Reward if an income tax evasion is caught.
  • The transportation and the accommodation in tires are good.
  • At district headquarters, the initial post is made.
  • Have the opportunity to be promoted to grade-1 posts.



  • There is high work pressure during the return of income tax.
  • Have to face many difficulties to deal with lobbyists and income tax evaders.




  • Work pressure is tolerable. Have high seasonal work pressure.
  • There is time to study and pursue personal interests.
  • Have facilities for training.
  • Have the opportunity to work as a deputation consultant in different organizations.
  • Have a moderate opportunity for foreign tours.
  • Can join in several development programs after retirement.
  • Usually, the initial posting is given at the sub-district level.



  • Promotion-pace is slow.
  • There are no transportation and accommodation facilities in the junior tier.
  • The conflict between cadre officers and non-cadre health officers exists.

(Source: Abu Kawsar, BCS Family Planning)


  1. BCS (POSTAL):

   Cadre Profile:

Entry Post: E.P.M.G (Assistant Post Master General)

Highest post: Director-General

Ranking/ working areas: There are five postal circles in Bangladesh. The circle headquarters are located in the Divisional cities of the ancient districts. That chief of the circle is known as ‘Post Master General.’ For the purposes of performing postal life insurance activities, Bangladesh is again divided into two circles. Officers from this cadre are stationed in these circles as well as in Dhaka’s headquarters.

Promotion-pace: Good. Promotion can be up to the post of Director General (Grade- 1).

Accommodation and transportation: Have accommodation facilities from the initial post and have transportation facilities after being promoted to DPMG.

Limitations: Many people are not aware of the fact that cadre officers are appointed in the postal department.



Entry Post:  Assistant Traffic Superintendent/ Assistant Director

Highest post: ADG (Operations), Grade- 2

Ranking/ working areas: Dhaka, Chottogram, Rajshahi,

Promotional pace: Moderate

Facilities: In just four areas including three divisional cities (except                                                                       Lalmonirhat) can work for the lifetime.

Limitations: Grade-6 does not have a promotion and the new pay scale for grade-7 has been canceled for all cadres. As a result, promotion to grade 5 takes over 10 years. In addition, there is no promotion to grade-1.


Entry Post:  Assistant Register

Highest post: Register

Ranking : Assistant Register —> Deputy Register —> Joint Register

—> Additional Resister —> Register

Working areas: District City, Divisional City, Regional Cooperative                                                                                   Institute, Cooperative Academy and Headquarter, Dhaka.

Activities: Establishing co-operative market through co-operative societies, lending to government shelter projects, conducting microfinance activities within the cooperatives, performing annual audits of various cooperatives established with government assistance, conducting and supervising divisional activities.

Facilities: – Work pressure: less and holidays are available.

-Promotional Pace: moderate

-Posting Facilities: moderate

-Can live a secure life

Limitations: There is no scope for promotion to grade-1 or to the post of                                                                              Secretary.


Entry Post:  Assistant Register

Highest post: Chief Register

Ranking: Assistant Register —> Deputy Register —> Joint Register

—> Resister —> Chief Register

Facilities: –

Work pressure: Moderate

-Promotional Pace: Good

-Posting Facilities: good

-Other Facilities: good

Limitations:  No valid information was found confirming the promotion opportunity to grade-1 or to the post of Secretary.

Working areas:  The Ministry of Commerce, 6 divisional cities (definite), and some embassies.

Activities: 1. Issuance of Industrial and Commercial Import Registration Certificate

  1. Issuance of export certificate
  2. Issuance of indenting registration certificate
  3. Issuance of import and export permits.
  4. Permission to organize national and international trade fairs.
  5. Provide explanations of import
  6. Export regulations and assist in formulating trade policy



Ranking (college) :

Lecturer> Assistant Professor >Associate Professor > Professor

Ranging (Office):

Education Officer > Assistant Director > Deputy Director > Director > Additional Director > General Director


  • The education cadre’s greatest advantage is its diversity. There are numerous opportunities to interact with students. After 10 or 15 years of service, a good teacher develops celebrity-like followers/fans.
  • As a Senior Education Cadre Officer, you can advance through the ranks of Deputy Controller, Controller, School and College Inspector, Assistant Director in the Department, and DG of the Board. Moreover, one can work on several projects and also can work as a training specialist in several training institutions.
  • Opportunities for MS, PHD, and post-graduation with training and scholarship abroad are very good at present.
  • Professors are still trusted and respected by the people of society.
  • An officer is given the chance to work in his own district. As a result, his family is stable, and he is well-known in the district.
  • This sector’s cadre members get 10- to 12-day vacations multiple times a year. Aside from that, there are vacations due to the examination schedule. So, you can study and travel around as your wish.
  • A teacher of education cadre who is appointed in honors college can assist in debate club, carrier club, theater, scouting, BNCC, study tour, sports, and other activities and can enjoy his life.
  • Aside from private tuition, a government college teacher can legally make extra money from a variety of sources.
  • Promotion-pace is moderate. Have opportunities to be promoted to grade-1.



  • Although the highest rank of this cadre is in the no.1 grade, the post of acting DG is given from the education cadre.
  • Acquired leave facilities are still pending.
  • As non-government colleges are constantly converted to governmental colleges, there are conflicts between BCS and non-BCS teachers about the amenities.
  • During the period of grading exam papers, there is a lot of work pressure.



Entry Post: Agricultural Extension Officer

Highest Post: Director-General

Ranking:  Sub-District Level

Agricultural Extension Officer (Grade-9)


Additional Agricultural Officer (Grade-6)


Sub-District Officer (Grade- 6)


Divisional Level:

Additional Deputy Director (Grade-6)


District Training Officer (Grade- 5)


Deputy Director (Grade- 5)


Director (Grade-2)


Director General (Grade-1)


Posting: Sub-District Agricultural Officer, Horticulture Center, Agricultural Training Centre, Seed                                Certification Agency, Mushroom Centre, Plant Quarantine Center, District                                                        Headquarter, National Agricultural Training Academy, Khamarbari (Dhaka).

N.B: The title is changed based on the posting center, but the grade of the post remains the same.



  1. Agriculture cadre officers are now given car facilities at the sub-district level, just like administration cadre officers at the sub-district level.
  2. The agricultural sector’s contribution to the country’s food self-sufficiency is something to be proud of. The cadres of this cadre have been praised for their innovations beyond the country’s borders in order to boost the production of various crops and diversify the food grains.
  3. Members of this cadre get many opportunities for higher education and research at home and abroad.
  4. Members of this cadre can spend the majority of their working lives immersed in an unusual blend of nature and civilization.
  5. The junior tire of this cadre gets promotions very quickly.
  6. There is diversity in the work of the cadre officer of the agricultural department as there are numerous institutions to which they can be assigned.
  7. Officers of agricultural cadres in several agricultural development programs enjoy various benefits from deputation in a variety of ways.


  1. From time-to-time promotion, tangles are seen in senior tires.
  2. Many times, people have to live with their families in remote areas due to posting.



Entry Post: Scientific Officer/ Veterinary Surgeon/PDO/ Lecturer (sub-district level) (grade-9)

Highest Post: Director General (grade-1)

Posting: Entry posts are posted at the sub-district level. Prior to being promoted to District                                          Livestock Officer, you’ll have to work at the sub-district level for a long period till then.

Ranking            :

1. General Director

2. Director

3. Deputy Director/ Divisional Director

4. District Livestock Officer

5. Scientific Officer/ Veterinary Surgeon/PDO/ Lecturer



In this cadre, there is no side pressure, and officers have the opportunity to pursue higher study both at home and abroad. Members of this group contribute to the nation’s health and strength. Furthermore, they assist in the reduction of unemployment in the country by creating jobs.



  1. Limited candidates are interested in this cadre.
  2. Not being promoted in time is one of the problems of this cadre.



Entry Post: Sub-District Fisheries Officer (grade-9)

Highest Post: Director General (grade-1)

Posting: At the Entry level, posted in the sub-district level. Prior to being promoted to District Fisheries Officer, you’ll have to work at the sub-district level for a long period till then.

Ranking            :  

General Director (grade-1)


Director (grade-3)


Deputy Director (grade-4)


District Fisheries Officer (grade-5)


Senior Sub-district Fisheries Officer (grade-6)


Sub-District Fisheries Officer (grade-9)



The Fisheries Department is a hassle-free department to work in. There isn’t a lot of work pressure. The role of fisheries cadre officers of this department in making Bangladesh become one of the top seven countries in terms of fishery production is undeniable.


  1. Promotion to senior tires moves at a significantly slower pace.
  2. Have to work in a remote area.



Entry Post:  Assistant Engineer, Civil (grade-9)

Highest Post:  Chief Engineer (grade-1)

Posting: At level, posted in the sub-divisional engineering office, office of the divisional executive engineer, in 9 laboratories, and in the office of supervising engineer.

Ranking            : 

Chief Engineer (grade-1)


Additional Chief Engineer (grade-3)


Supervising Engineer (grade-4)


Executive Engineer (grade-5)


Sub-divisional Engineer (grade-6)


Assistant Engineer (grade-9)


  1. In the entry-level position of assistant engineer, a car is provided, as are all higher positions.
  2. The sub-divisional engineer resides in the government house.
  3. There are opportunities for deputation in road-related projects for which better facilities of the project are available.
  4. Promotion-pace is good and occurs in the scheduled time without any delay.
  5. Have opportunities for foreign tours and higher education abroad.


There is a manpower crisis in this department. In some circumstances, side pressure from various sources has an impact on the independent activities of the cadre officers.




Clinical Sector                                                                            Administrative Sector                                       Medical officer/ Assistant Surgeon/                                            Medical officer/

Assistant register (grade-9)                                                      Residential Medical Officer (grade-9)


Junior consultant                                                                        Sub-divisional health and family                                                                                                                                  development officer


Senior consultant                                                                       Civil surgeon/ Assistant Director


Consultant                                                                                   Deputy Director




Director General (grade-3)



It is known to all the special facilities and opportunities the doctors of the government hospital enjoy. In the clinical sector, there are also more opportunities for professional development and patient interaction which results in good off-time practice for the doctors ensuring better earning opportunities.

On the other hand, even if you have a higher degree in non-clinical/ para-clinical (Physiology pharmacology forensic medicine, community medicine) subjects, the opportunity to practice is limited.

Again, the chances of exercising power in administrative positions are higher in certain cases.

If you get the post of “Civil Surgeon,” you will be provided with a car and a pion.



There is a crisis of supporting staff at sub-district levels. Local leaders are frequently put under a financial strain, and they must deal with tough situations such as hospital vandalism and the doctors being tortured in the accusation of misconduct. Furthermore, in this cadre, the rate of promotion is also slow.


BCS Admin Cadre: Go through this link to know about Admin Cadre>>>.

(N.B.: Cadre profiles were compiled using a variety of verbal and internet sources. The accuracy of information about the cadre cannot be assured.)



Source: দ্য ক্যাডার

বিসিএস প্রস্তুতি কৌশলের উপর বেস্ট-সেলার ‘দ্য ক্যাডার’ বইটির কয়েকটি পৃষ্ঠা পড়তে এখানে ক্লিক করুন>>>

*Translated by Nabila Islam Shairy 

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