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How to do ‘BCS Cadre Choice List’ correctly and sensibly


  • How to arrange your cadre choice while from fill-up:

Firstly, take a look at the Facility-based Cadre Chart- FCC. Identify which cadre goes well with your personality and lifestyle.

  • FCC (Facility-based Cadre Chart):
Cadre Name  Promotion Facilities Holidays and work pressure related facilities Posting Facilities Other Facilities
Foreign A+ B A+ A+
Administration A+ B B A+
Police A+ B A A+
Customs A B A A+
Accounts and Audit A B A+ A
Tax A A A A+
Railway Transportation and Trade B A A B
Ansar A A A A
Food                                                     * B A A B
Post A A A A
Information A A A A
Family planning B A A B
cooperative B A A B
Trade                                                   * B A A+ A
General Education A A+ A B

 Explanation:  A+ = Excellent                                            

                                                                                        A= Very good

                                                                                        B= Good

According to the above facility-based chart, some cadres have excellent chances for advancement, but they also have a lot of work, mental pressure, and responsibility. Again, there are some cadres where there aren’t enough prospects for advancement, but there is less work pressure and more vacations.

For example, The job pressure is substantially lower when assigned to a college in the general education cadre. Though there are some seasonal work pressures, those jobs can be completed at your leisure while sitting at home. Besides these, leave is available at least five times a year, for about 9 to 21 days. Whenever you want you can pursue your interests and travel throughout the country and abroad. However, the work pressure in a post of Education Administration (secondary and higher education), Training Academy, NCTB, Board of Education, UNESCO Commission, and other positions is significantly higher than the general education cadre. In this case, the services offered are also greater.

Therefore, a cadre choice list should be selected based on your personality, life philosophy, and how you want to enjoy your life.

There are examples that many cadres changed their cadres after being assigned to a cadre that was incompatible with their lifestyle and personality.

From the educational cadre, one of my colleagues went to ‘Railway Transport and Commercial.’ Another of my colleagues, who was in the information cadre in the 28th BCS, was transferred to the ‘General Educational Cadre’ in the 29th BCS. One of my acquaintances likewise left the ‘Police Cadre’ to join the ‘Administrative Cadre.’ Again, after working in the ‘administrative Cadre,’ a senior colleague from my department transferred to the ‘General Educational Cadre.’ He was questioned why he left the administrative cadre to join the educational cadre. “To rescue my soul,” was his answer. Therefore, variances in cadre selection are quite common. So, make sure you know exactly what you want.

Some general suggestions for cadre choice:

  1. A) Make a list of seven cadres that match your personality from the list I’ve prepared for FCC. I’m referring to the first seven cadres on the priority list since if you qualify, you’ll be assigned to one of those seven cadres. The chances of getting a post from your list’s later picks are very low.
  2. B) While preparing your choice list don’t get influenced by your friends.
  3. C) Cadre-choice list shouldn’t be prepared by valuing the outer look or power or illegal means of extra income. You will be doing this job for about 30 to 35 years. the cadres which seem so popular today might not have the same popularity in the future. So, in the case of choosing the priority list think about the future.
  4. D) When it comes to selecting a cadre, female candidates should be more cautious and practical. Observing many friends working in various cadres, I’ve compiled a list of three factors to consider when putting together a cadre preference list:


  1. When putting together a cadre choice list, keep in mind whether the excessive workload or spending long hours in the workplace of any certain cadre prevents you from spending time with your family. After giving birth to a child, 43 % of Americans and 66-78 % of female employees leave or are forced to leave their jobs. Keep this concept in mind if you want to lead a married life while working.
  2. Keep in mind that you should not choose a cadre that will need you to be stationed in a remote location for an extended amount of time away from your husband. It’s also worth considering how transportable the husband’s work is. I can tell you from personal experience that an unexpected shift might cause anxiety in your personal and family life. So be cautious! Don’t try to be too clever, after all, the word ‘service holder’ comes from the word ‘servant,’ regardless of how glamorous the position is. In today’s hectic modern life, spending meaningful time with family is also a matter of immense freedom.
  3. It’s also crucial to consider while putting together a cadre choice list, whether you’ll have any help raising your child if your husband is or will be a service member.

For a better conception, have an overview of the cadre profile, their assignments, and work strain from the table (FCC) given at the very beginning of the chapter.

  1. E) If you want to choose a foreign cadre, put it at the top of your list; otherwise, leave it off entirely. Because only the most deserving candidates risk choosing a foreign cadre as their first choice. As a result, there is no way to get this cadre unless you stay at the absolute top of the list.
  2. F) If you want to place an administrative cadre then place it in 1-3 of your choice lists. It is also one of the most chosen cadres.
  3. G) In choosing police/custom cadre it is better to place them in the top five of your lists. These two are also very famous cadres.
  4. H) Place Economic/tax/audit and accounting in 1-7 of your choice lists. The popularity of these three cadres is almost the same. So, place these three according to your own preference.
  5. I) In 8no. Or 9no. of your list you can place post/trade cadre.
  6. J) Cadres after this are equally famous so place them according to your preference.


Article Courtesy: দ্য ক্যাডার (বিসিএস প্রস্তুতি কৌশলের উপর একটি বেস্ট-সেলার বই।)

[ N.B. (1): Those who enjoy spending valuable time alone, particularly female candidates, rank ‘General Education Cadre’ first. Some people are drawn to this group by chance. If you don’t want to join this cadre, put it at the bottom of your selection of options. Best of all, if you don’t like this cadre, leave it out.

This section of the N.B. applies to people who want to appear in both the general and professional cadres.]

[N.B. (2): The information of the FCC is taken from various websites of respective cadres’ websites and social media. 100% accuracy of the information can’t be given. Verify the given information before using.]

[N.B. (3): the ‘*’(star) marked information about the promotion of cadres in the FCC table were not found in any reliable source]

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