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BCS Exam Syllabus given by Bangladesh Public Service Commission-BPSC comprises two phases though the BCS exam has three phases.

BPSC prescribes syllabus for the first two phases of BCS exam. For BCS Preliminary exam BCS Preliminary Syllabus and for BCS written exam, BCS written Syllabus are given.

BCS Syllabus:

Phase-1: BCS Preliminary Syllabus and BCS Preliminary Analysis.

BCS Preliminary Syllabus Download link. Click here.

Bangladesh Public Service Commission-BPSC furnished BCS Preliminary Syllabus with twelve subjects. Total number allotted for BCS Preliminary exam is 200.

Not each subject carries equal marks. Some subjects are given priority in the BCS Preliminary Syllabus.

For instance, ‘Bangla Language and Literature’ carries 35 marks, ‘English Language and Literature’ carries 35 marks, Bangladesh Affairs carries 30 marks, International Affairs carries 20 marks, Math carries15 Marks, Mental ability carries 15 marks, ‘Geography, Environment and Disaster Management’ carries 10 marks, General Science carries 15 marks, ‘Ethics, Values and Good Governance’ carries 10 marks, Computer and Information Technology carries 15 marks.

BCS Preliminary Syllabus

Detailed Subject-wise Syllabus of BCS Preliminary Exam.

Subject-wise BCS Preliminary Syllabus is given below:

BCS Preliminary Syllabus:

1. Subject- Bangla Language and Literature: Marks-35
BCS Bangla Syllabus

2. English Language and Literature : Marks-35
Part-1: Language
A. Parts of Speech:
B. Idioms & Phrases
C. Clauses
D. Corrections
E. Sentences & Transformations
F. Words
G. Composition
Part-2: Literature
H. English Literature
Elizabethan period to 21st Century
Quotations from drama/poetry

3. Bangladesh affairs: Marks-30
4. International Affairs; Marks-20

BCS Banladesh Affairs

5. Geography; Marks-10
6. General Science; Marks-15

BCS General Science

7. Computer and Information Technology ; Marks-15BCS Computer Science Syllabus

8. Maths; Marks-15
9. Mental Ability; Marks-15

BCS Math Syllabus

10. Ethics, Values and Good Governance; Marks-10

Definition of Values and Good Governance;

Relation between Values, Education and Good Governance;

General Perception of Values and Good Governance;

Importance of Values and Good Governance in the life of an individual as a citizen as well as in the making of society and national ideal;

Impact of Values and Good Governance in national development;

How the element of Good Governance and Values can be established in society in a given social context;

The benefit of Values and Good Governance and the cost society pays adversely in their absence;

BCS Written Syllabus Download link. Click here.

If we analyse the Syllabus of BCS exam, we’ll notice that not all of the subjects of BCS Preliminary syllabus are given in BCS Written syllabus. There are ten subjects meant for BCS Preliminary exam from which only eight subjects are selected for BCS Written exam.

‘Geography, Environment and Disaster Management’ and ‘Ethics, Values and Good Governance’ of BCS Preliminary Syllabus are not included in BCS Written Syllabus.

That is why these items should not be given much priority when you go for preparing for BCS examination.
Again, even though 8 subjects from BCS Preliminary syllabus remain the same in BCS Written syllabus, not all the topics of those respective subjects of BCS preliminary syllabus are the same as given in BCS written syllabus.

For this reason, the candidates should give priority on those subjects and topics of BCS Preliminary syllabus which are the same as and similar to the subjects and topics of BCS Written syllabus.

Not all the topics of BCS Syllabus should have similar priority.

If you go through the Syllabus and the questionnaires of the previous BCS exams, you’ll see that most of the questions are frequented from a few topics of the respective subject.

So, you should prioritise the topics marked important by analyzing the questionnaires of the previous BCS exams.

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Finally, be advised that you must analyse the Syllabus and the questionnaires of the previous BCS exams. If you don’t undergo this process, you will have to waste your valuable time. You’ll have to suffer from the system loss resulted from the lack of a proper BCS Syllabus analysis, that is BCS Preliminary analysis and BCS Written syllabus analysis .

And you’ll require extra time to have a solid BCS preparation if you don’t do the due syllabus analysis of BCS exam.

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Please, download the BCS Preliminary Syllabus from here. Click here.
Please, download the BCS Written syllabus from here. Click here.

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Download link of BCS Preliminary Syllabus PDF: Click here.
Download link of BCS Written Syllabus PDF: Click here.

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